Journey to Meet Ninja in Iga,
Ninja's Home Town

Experience the Life as a Ninja
in the home of Iga-ryu Ninja.

Transform Yourself into a Ninja.
Firstly, rent the ninja costume at “Ninja Henshin Dokoro (Ninja Transformation Spot)”.
Make yourself a ninja, and go out for sightseeing and stroll around the town.

Throwing Shuriken (Ninja Stars)

Experience the most widely known attack of ninjas, throwing shuriken.
The competition is held annually.

Ninja Residence

Our guide in a ninja costume takes you through the ninja residence with full of surprising traps.

Iga-ryu Ninjutsu Dojo

If you want the more authentic ninja experience, try our Full-day Plan.
Wanna be a disciplinant? Come any time.

Ninja Combat Show

Ashra, the special performance group of Iga-ryu ninja, gives a thrilling performance.
They use ninja weapons of shuriken, swords, and kusarigama (sickles with chain).

Iga-ryu Ninja Museum

You can see a wide variety of weapons and tools ninja used.

Walking Tour in the Castle Town
The walking trail following the footsteps of
Jinshichiro (Matsuo Basho).

Iga Ueno Castle

Enjoy the spectacular view of the one of the highest stone walls in Japan and the wooden main tower (reconstructed).
This beautiful castle has been built by the master castle builder, Todo Takatora.

Stroll around the Castle Town

Let’s stroll around the castle town of Iga Ueno.
You will find the historic townscape and Buke-yashiki (residences of samurai warriors) in the town.

Matsuo Basho, the Master Haiku Poet

The Master Haiku Poet Matsuo Basho was born in Iga and lived here until the age of 29.
He has elevated the haiku poetry to a form of art.

Procession of ogre

A hundred and some ogre parade in Ueno Tenjin Festival is a rare sight even in Japan.
They are displayed in “Danjiri (Festival Float) Museum” along with three danjiri floats.


During Ueno Tenjin Festival, nine luxurious and gorgeous danjiri floats parade in the town with the music of flutes and drums.

Access to Iga

Access to Iga
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