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Iga Sake

Iga Sake

Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice.
Blessed with high quality water and favorable natural conditions, Iga is also a sake-producing region.

There are several breweries in Iga, each of them which produces and sells sake with its own unique taste.
Moreover, the taste of sake varies from brand to brand even in the same brewery.
Enjoy trying the many different brands and appreciating the difference.

You can enjoy sake chilled, or “kan”, meaning it is served slightly warmed.

Major Iga sake brands include the following:

  • Hanzo (Ota Brewery)
  • Mie Nishiki (Nakai Brewery)
  • Haisei Basho (Hashimoto Brewery)
  • Fuku no Koe (Fukui Brewery)
  • Rumiko no Sake (Moriki Brewery)
  • Kuromatsu Okina (Morimoto Senuemon Shoten Brewery)
  • Gizaemon (Wakaebisu Brewery)
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